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  SEPT/OCT 2019




JUNE 2019


                                                                  FEBRUARY 2019 – ‘Endgame’ by Samuel Beckett



Phil Jones as Hamm                                                                     Erik Schaumann as Clov


NAGG played by John Atkinson

NELL played by Lydia-Jane Bateman


                                                                                    … and Mamgu – a devised piece


Sam Vaughan, Regina Levkovitch, Keira Duffin,           Katie Davies and Sam Vaughan

   Sian Kirby, Rosy Greenwood, Geraint Dixon











JUNE 2018


Listen to Kathy, Ray and some of the actors from The Drill Hall Theatre Company, Mullumbimby, and

Everyman Theatre Cardiff discussing the project ‘Do Not Go Gentle’.



[youtube v=”5OWE59KXCoc”]